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Top Destinations

  • European & UK Tour

    Holidays to Europe are easy and trouble-free with a holiday package, which is the easiest way to explore as much of the continent as you have time for. Whether you have a few days or a many months, there are highlights tour, customised itineraries and more extended expeditions that can be altered as you wish. Explore the best of the Europe and British Isles.


    Avail plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the African lifestyle. You’ll experience some of Africa’s most famous game reserves and national parks, such as Serengeti National Park, Amboseli National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Kruger National Park—not to mention breathtaking Victoria Falls! Keep your eyes out for elephant, lion, Cape buffalo, cheetah, hundreds of birds, and much more. You’ll also experience unique encounters like visiting a Samburu village, exploring a township in South Africa or savoring a mimosa at a bush breakfast in Tanzania.


    China is seen variously as an ancient civilization extending over a large area in East Asia, a nation and/or a multinational entity. China is one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations. Rooster-shaped China covers a vast area of 9.6 million square kilometers, with 1.3 billion people and more than 170 cities with over one million people, bursting with enterprise, rapid development and culture. Must tour package for the discerning travelers.


    Turkey is a country with a very beautiful landscape, and a rich historical background. The cultural diversity of its people is just one of the things that make it a unique tourist destination. When you pick Turkey as your preferred destination, you can be sure to experience total pleasure and satisfaction. The place has many historic sites you can visit, some of which are located in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city and these include the Topkapi Palace, Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Galata Tower. Also, if you wish to have an exceptional shopping experience, you can shop at Cevahir, Akmerkez or Metrocity Malls, which are some of the biggest around the world.
    Visiting Turkey during your vacation is one of the best decisions you can ever make. Even though there are other good travel destinations around the world, Turkey is definitely a notch above the rest.


    Thailand's beaches and shopping a Must for the travelers on holiday or honeymoon. Over the years it has grown in stature and refinement and you can find resorts and hotels to match the best in the world. The capital, Bangkok, is Southeast Asia’s major city, a fascinating, frenetic place where life only slows in tranquil temples, quiet canals and on the river that flows through its heart. In the north, hill tribe communities still live in small wooden villages, tenaciously hanging on to an age old culture and traditions. Ancient cities date back to earlier Siamese civilisations, national parks are rich with tropical flora and fauna and in small provincial towns you still find gentle Buddhist temples hazed with incense smoke and lit by candles.

  • Balkans Tour Package

    Discover the treasures of the Balkans on this adventure that starts in Budapest, the lively city on the Danube, ever-changing landscapes to Novi Sad, famous for its citadel, then Serbia's capital of Belgrade and the breathtaking gorges leading into Bulgaria. Explore Sofia with its ornate orthodox churches; visit Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and explore Plovdiv's charming Old Town and Roman Amphitheater. Continue to medieval Veliko Târnovo and Arbanassi before arriving in beautiful Bucharest, Romania, for two overnights. On to the picturesque mountains, fortified villages, and castles of Transylvania. Visit Sinaia Monastery and Bran Castle, the medieval dwelling of legendary Count Dracula.


    In Greece, you are standing at a crossroads of cultures, colours and civilizations. You feel the strength of history and the warmth of being in the southern most part of Europe, and you discover an evolutionary process of thought, influence and experience. A landscape that has given us thousands of postcard images, but remains incredibly vibrant and impossible to capture. Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again. Walk through the olive groves and through ancients sites. Move to clusters of sparsely inhabited islands. Explore the beaches, rocky-mountains and marvel at the breathtaking scenery. In Greece, the fusion of images becomes more than imagery and turns into reality. Explore your senses in Greece.

  • Korea Tour Packages

    The eccentric contrasts between the old and the new, rustic and cosmopolitan, tranquil and bustling make Korea an exciting place for travelers to visit the world over. From rural mountain towns to colorful urban streets lined with world-class museums, restaurants, and shops: South Korea is an exotic and beautiful land that offers endless delights for travelers of every taste.

  • BALI Tour Packages

    Bali is too large to call it a destination. It is in fact a region, large enough to need three STD codes. Kuta, with its beaches of Legian and Seminyak. SHOPPING or watch a Balinese barong dance. To the east of Jimbaran is Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa, the upmarket tourist area of Bukit Badung. East of Kuta are the beaches of Sanur, past Bali's capital city of Denpasar.